Is it Friend or Faux? Schemes you need to know

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27 Aug

Is it Friend or Faux?

Is it Friend or Faux?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 (8:30 AM to 11:30 AM)
3.0 CE Hours
Yakima Association of Realtors, Yakima, Washington Class, Courses, Education

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Upon completion of this course, the student will have been introduced to current real estate fraud schemes being carried out through internet activities, dating services, phone solicitations and other means. The student will be taught simple practices that will protect not only themselves, but when implemented and shared with consumers, will derail fraud schemes and protect clients and consumers as well.

Yakima Association of Realtors - Training Room
Yakima Association of Realtors (Training Room)
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Annie Fitzsimmons

Annie Fitzsimmons is a lawyer whose entire post-adolescent life has focused on the Washington real estate market place in one form or another. When she was 11 years old, her parents opened a real estate company and she worked in the office first as the cleaning crew, later as a receptionist, bookkeeper and typist and ultimately as a real estate licensee. At age 23, she school at the University of Washington and upon graduating, began her legal career with the Tacoma law firm of Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell, Malanca, Peterson & Daheim. She was one of the firm’s primary residential real property lawyers until 2001 when she left to open her own office and since has served as Washington Realtors Legal Hotline Attorney as well as providing a variety of other legal services for WR. She served on the task force that drafted the Agency Law from 1994 to 1996 and the task force that worked in 2004 and 2005 considering revisions to the Licensing Law, RCW 18.85. She has sued and defended real property owners, buyers, sellers and brokers across the state but has recently made it her personal priority to ensure that no Washington REALTOR® is ever sued again for something they could have avoided. Believing that education is the best way to achieve this goal, she is here today. So, take advantage of her experience and ask questions that are important to you. Raise your hand and focus discussion on issues that are challenging you today.