Is there any legal problem with an agent advertising their home address on a marketing campaign vs the Company Address? They would have the Firm Name prominently displayed. In this new day of virtual offices / companies I was wondering if there are any other requirements other than the Firm Name.


Broker is not required to include any physical address in his advertising. Broker is correct that the firm name, as licensed, must be displayed in a clear and conspicuous manner but no physical address is required. That said, if broker intends to include a business address on the advertising, broker should include the firm's address and not his residential address. If broker's residential address is used, that would likely lead to conflict with rules requiring additional licensing for satellite or branch offices. It is fine for broker to work from home and can even have a space, other than the firm's brick and mortar location, where broker can meet clients informally to write an offer and the like. But, if the location is advertised, DOL rules would likely require that location to be supported with a branch license and a branch manager.

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